servfail only for a zone

Lucio Crusca lucio at
Mon Jul 13 18:36:35 UTC 2015

Il 13/07/2015 20:21, Reindl Harald ha scritto:
> zone transerfs are retried often, but that don't help with such low 
> expire times, the question still remains why they are failing on the 
> same host, but that's not a bind problem

I'm pretty sure it's not a bind problem (I'm not pretending it's a bind 
bug), but I need help to spot the problem, because from bind logs it is 
not clear to me what the problem is. Network connectivity between ns1 
and ns2 is obviously 100% reliable, it's the same host, and other zones 
do update correctly, so what does zone has that blocks 

> as somebody else said: you must not run both nameservers on the same 
> host with the same internet connection, virtualization is fine but you 
> need at least a real HA cluster and independent lines for both to 
> minimze the possibility both nameservers are going down at the same time

I got it, thanks, and I also already have another server at another 
provider in a different country I can use for the job. However, for the 
time being, I'm more interested in understanding what's going on than in 
adding random variables to the system, such as possibly unreliable 
internet connection.

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