rndc status field meaning please

이윤호 yunho316 at naver.com
Tue Jul 21 06:57:27 UTC 2015

how are you today?  haha
i'm  bind user 
rndc status field mean about request
CPUs found: 4
​ physical cpu ? 
worker threads: 4
physical cpu in core?
UDP listeners per interface: 2
very diffcult ....     nic port intercafe? 
one interface = udp :1 ? 
number of zones: 16
/etc/named.conf  "zone field number" 
i'm understand
debug level: 0
log detail debug level 
i'm ok
xfers running: 0
zone transfer 
i'm ok
xfers deferred: 0
zone transfer slow time out?
i'm confused
soa queries in progress: 0
what is field mean?
query logging is ON
logging queries.log 
i'm ok
recursive clients: 0/9900/10000
recursivw query 
tcp clients: 0/100
tcp query 
server is up and running
bind!! you have rndc manual?
please rndc manual   i got manual
..... bye   i'm very trash english    sorry...
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