Solved: high CPU and 'top' shows named as the culprit

Frank Bulk frnkblk at
Sat Jul 25 14:42:45 UTC 2015

For the benefit of the archives, I want to share what I found while
troubleshooting a high CPU issue on two of our servers running BIND. (We
happen to be running Debian Wheezy with a Debian patched version of BIND

While looking through some graphs I noticed that the CPU of two of our
servers was very high, and 'top' revealed that named was taking 60 to 70% of
the CPU.

Since we had enabled DNSsec earlier this week that was the item immediately
under suspicion, but the graphs showed this high CPU issue started on June

Using my google-fu I found lots of hits on the "managed-keys-directory"
ad), and while implementing those suggestion did resolve the warning I was
seeing the logs, the CPU remained high.

The next area focus was permissions, as I was getting this warning:
	Jul 24 16:08:41 mail2 named[3787]: logging channel 'default_log'
file '/var/log/bind.log': permission denied
but logging was working correctly, and fixing the permission for that file,
and verifying it for the others, didn't reduce the CPU.
g and and

I got side-tracked with AppArmor for a while, but our Debian installation
doesn't have that, so it's a moot point.

Then I googled more specifically for 9.7.3 and high CPU, and came across a
thread that mentioned NTP
Curious, it was June 30, the day of the leapsecond, let me check ... sure
enough, the CPU jump exactly at 7 pm (I'm in U.S. Central).

Restarting NTP (and then named) did not resolve the issue, but executing 
	date -s "$(date -u)"
immediately resolved the issue, without needing to restart named.

More on this issue here:


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