do not stupidly delete ZSK files

David Newman dnewman at
Thu Jul 30 00:56:20 UTC 2015

I created then loaded then deleted a ZSK, all within an hour, so there's
no backup. Yes, that was a dumb thing to do.

Now when reloading that zone, named.log complains about the missing ZSK:

29-Jul-2015 17:18:19.439 general: warning:
dns_dnssec_keylistfromrdataset: error reading private key file file not found

There are no ZSK files to revoke. Other than disabling DNSSEC for this
zone, how to remove that ZSK so the zone will load clean?

This is bind910-9.10.2P2_5 on 10.1-RELEASE-p16.

Thanks (and don't do as I did)


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