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Thu Jul 30 01:02:20 UTC 2015

Howdy BIND,

We’ve been troubleshooting an issue with iOS print discovery using DNS-SD for the last several weeks. We made a little bit of a breakthrough this evening when we observed in a packet trace that the response case was fully lowercase, regardless of the query case. It seems iOS is doing some kind of case sensitive comparison between the query and the response, causing DNS-SD to fail when they don’t match.

I noticed change 3645, but my reading of the related article suggests that the change was actually intended to preserve the case in a query response rather than force it to lowercase.

My reading of that article suggests the RFC compliant behavior is to preserve the case in the response, is this correct?

We’re currently running BIND 9.9.7 (it is likely this issue was introduced when we updated from 9.9.4 a while back), so I’m wondering why I am running into this. Is there something that I need to turn on to preserve the case in the response, or, alternatively, is there something that we have have inadvertently changed that would cause BIND to force the response to lowercase?

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