delay between nsupdate and NOTIFY

Mark Andrews marka at
Fri Jun 5 05:48:04 UTC 2015

In message <13355440-2405-4868-B90C-6567CCB9D268 at>, Charles Musser wri
> We are experiencing a delay of approximately 9 minutes between the time a zon
> e is changed on our DNS master (via nsupdate) and the time at which the NOTIF
> Y is sent to slaves.

Adjust serial-query-rate.  This also controls the notify rate in BIND 9.9.
A seperate control "notify-rate" is coming in BIND 9.11.

> We've turned up logging on the master and some slaves, t
> hen watched for messages regarding a test zone. On the master, an update caus
> es a log message indicating that the NOTIFY has been queued. Several minutes 
> later, there are additional messages indicating that a NOTIFY has been sent a
> nd, on the slave, we see the corresponding NOTIFY receive log message, follow
> ed by the slave sending a transfer. After this, the slave has the updated zon
> e data.
> The master runs BIND 9.9.7 and is authoritative for ~70000 zones. There are a
> pproximately 20 slaves. ON the master, "rndc status" reports the count "xfers
>  deferred" is always near 300 and the count of "xfers running" is always 10. 
> Given that, we suspected that a backlog of transfers was causing the delay, s
> o we tried increasing the transfer-out from the default (10) to 75. That didn
> 't increase the number of "xfers running", nor make the delay go away.
> We don't know when the behavior started. The master server was upgraded from 
> 9.7.3 to 9.9.7 a couple of weeks back, but no one noticed a the delay until t
> oday. We didn't see anything obvious in the BIND change log regarding changes
>  in this area.
> Chuck
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