Set up a recursive servers to provide different data (liumingxing)

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Wed Jun 10 13:34:09 UTC 2015

You could also use RPZ to provide answers for only the hosts in question.
This would return a specified address for the individual entry while
sending queries for other entries outside to the internet for resolution.
RPZ requires an appropriate version if Bind 9 plus some options statements.



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> Subject: Set up a recursive servers to provide different data
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> Hi, all
>     We hava a domain name while now we have application
servers that are located in > in the localnet with private addresses and
ones in the external internet.  We want to setup a
> recursive in local networks that can provide recursive service and auth
service that internal users are > redirected to the internal servers and
the external users are guided to outside servers.
> Thanks
> Mingxing, Liu
> EMAIL?liumingxing at
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