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Fri Jun 19 19:55:23 UTC 2015

On Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 11:11:16PM +0000,
   Mike Hoskins (michoski) wrote:
> On 6/18/15, 7:09 PM, "Stuart Browne" 
> <Stuart.Browne at> wrote:
> >Just wondering.  You mention you're using RHEL6; are you also 
> >getting messages in 'dmesg' about connection tracking tables being 
> >full?  You may need some 'NOTRACK' rules in your iptables.
> Just following along, for the record...  On our side, iptables
> is completely disabled.  We do that sort of thing upstream on 
> dedicated firewalls.

There is a Knowledge Base article about this:

Note that connection tracking can be a problem upstream as well, for 
the same reasons as described in the article.  I would still turn off 
conntrack for UDP DNS upstream, unless you're using DNAT (yuck.)

> Just now getting time to reply to Cathy...more detail on that
> there.
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