Better debug of too many queries

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Wed Mar 4 12:06:38 UTC 2015


I installed a 64bit Centos 6 operating system, with Postgresql 8.4.20 x64 and Bind, latest 9.10 version.
I use Bind-DLZ in lots of view.

In our lab we are simulating what happens with some hundred of queries per second.

I notice that, when using BIND-DLZ, some queries does not resolve for timeout problems; but the DB is absolutely not overload! It works perfectly.

If i try to resolve to another ip of the BIND machine (an alias ip), when the first returns bind resolution timeout, the other resolve perfectly without any delay!

If so, the DB correctly respond, but it seems to be a limit on BIND with DLZ(Postgres) when lots of request arrive on the same machine ip.

Anyone has met this problems?

Thank you!

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