Too many connections on the same IP

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> Are you using iptables Firewall?
> Does the problem only occur on UDP connections to the problematic 
> IP? Or also on TCP connections to the same IP?
> I had similar problems (not with bind) when the connection table of 
> iptables "state" module were too small. Iptables started dropping 
> packets, because it couldn't keep track of new connections.

The ISC Knowledge Base has an article about this:

> Since UDP is by definition stateless, the "state" module tries
> to invent some sort of connection status, based on source- and 
> destination ports.

Linux connection tracking is protocol-agnostic, but yes, aspects of 
the protocol (such as source and destination ports if applicable) are 
considered in defining a what is considered a "connection".

> This sometimes makes trouble. Especially when there are lots of 
> concurrent connections and the same UDP-ports show up over and over 
> again (e.g. when DNS-Clients do not use Source Port Randomization).

The trouble comes if/when the table is too small to account for many
random ports.  Each "connection" is only two packets: a query coming 
in, and a reply going out.

> You could try to remove the state module (-m state --state NEW) 
> from your UDP firewall rule for BIND and see if that helps.

It probably would not, because each query/reply is still seen as a 
"connection" to the kernel.  A more sophisticated and effective 
approach is as described in the article above, using the "raw" table 
and "-j CT --notrack".

> I believe there are separate state tables for each network 
> interface. This could explain, why your second IP is still 
> responding.

There is a single conntrack table for the system, and all entries 
therein are based on packet header information: source and 
destination IP address (and ports if applicable.)

We really don't have enough information in this thread to be able to 
answer the OP's questions.
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