BIND9 statistics vs. BIND8 statistics

Dowon Kim kimdw at
Mon Mar 9 06:25:16 UTC 2015


In BIND8, I can find statistics every hour in the log file (see here below)
It was the default for BIND8
But in BIND9 I do not find same statistics in the log file.
I know statistics-channels usage in named.conf or rndc stats with dump
statistics file I define with statistics-file statement.

I am curious why statistics every hour is not default in BIND9
Does BIND9 have performance issue or something else?

Oct 31 07:11:37 dnszone001 named[19854]: NSTATS 1320041497 1301566457
TYPE0=50862 A=1764510765 NS=24977921 CNAME=5164425 SOA=8419048 MG=1 MR=1000
NULL=1 WKS=43 PTR=121163683 HINFO=16119 MINFO=3 MX=497037649 TXT=46163614 RP=3
X25=7 ISDN=2 RT=1 SIG=1 KEY=9 PX=24 AAAA=450246677 LOC=117 NXT=1 SRV=14855440
NAPTR=42769 A6=14181975 SINK=1 TYPE43=32907 TYPE46=3100 TYPE47=2864
TYPE48=85413 TYPE51=676 TYPE55=8 TYPE69=1 TYPE72=1 TYPE99=14892632 TKEY=85936
IXFR=2583 AXFR=301179 MAILB=7 ANY=37471162

Thank you in advance for your help.

Dowon Kim,
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