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Mon Mar 9 23:39:00 UTC 2015

In message < at>, Shawn Zhou writes:
> Hello,
> I am testing filter-aaaa option with Bind 9.9.6-P2. I think there is a
> bug in the documentation on 
> I believe for the "filter-aaaa on, IPv4 source, no +dnssec" table on the
> page, for query "a0-aaaa-4" type "any", the answer section should be
> "AAAA, NSEC, RRSIG". When I tested with "any" for a "a0-aaaa-a4" record,
> I did see a AAAA response.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks,Shawn

You get verifyable answers with ANY (data + rrsigs) so whether it
filters or not depends upon whether the zone is signed or not with

That said, it is well past the time when everyone should be providing
IPv6 transport.  We actually have ISP's that only provided un-NATed
service on IPv6 as they have run out of IPv4 addresses to provide
everyone with a public IPv4 address.

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