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Dana Huggard dana.huggard at
Mon Mar 16 17:36:40 UTC 2015


I have a problem with a host lookup failing, but then succeeds after I
restart bind9.  The reverse look succeeds before the restart.

There are two bind servers.  A and B.
Server A is master for A.domain and B is master for B.domain.
Server A has a ZONE B configuration entry declaring B as the forwarder.

Server B also runs dhcpd with ddns.   A new computer comes up via dhcp on
the B domain and network.   If I query the hostname using B as my resolver
I get and answer, If I query the hostname using A as my resolver I get
NXDOMAIN.  If I then restart bind on A, and re-run the same query that
failed before, it now succeeds.

I don't understand why this is behaving this way.  Any ideas?

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