Single slave zone definition for two view (cache file name problem)

Constantin Stefanov cstef at
Tue Mar 17 19:54:44 UTC 2015

On 17.03.2015 19:34, Tony Finch wrote:
> Constantin Stefanov <cstef at> wrote:
>> I found 'in-view' option, but again it requires two definitions for
>> every zone: one with "file" and "masters" directives, and another with
>> "in-view" option. Moreover, these two definitions must be in different
>> files, as I have to include one in first view, and another (with
>> 'in-view') in all other views, so I have to keep two separate files
>> synced with one another.
> I have a similar situation on my workstation server, except in my case the
> recursive view needs static-stub configurations for each zone in the
> authoritative view.
> I have a script called named-listzones (attached) which reads named.conf
> and outputs a list of zone name, view, and type. A bit of seddery in the
> rc script re-generates the static-stub zone configuration whenever named
> is started or reloaded.
Tony, thanks for the script.

I am doing something like that myself now, and using make as suggested
in neighbour letter is a way, too.

My grievance is that previously it worked without any scripting, and now
the scripting is required. Maybe I do not see something?

Konstantin Stefanov,

Research Computing Center
M.V Lomonosov Moscow State University

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