Single slave zone definition for two view (cache file name problem)

Konstantin Stefanov cstef at
Wed Mar 18 15:31:43 UTC 2015

On 18.03.2015 18:10, wbrown at wrote:
> From: Konstantin Stefanov <cstef at>
>> The issue is that named started to detect it since, if I'm not mistaken,
>> 9.7. It happened because such config was leading to bugs, but instead of
>> fixing the bugs, the whole feature was prohibited.
> "That's not a bug, it's a feature!"  Yeah, old joke about software 
> quality. 
> Software should prevent you from doing things that cause errors.  The bug 
> was that you were allowed to used the same file in multiple views.  The 
> bug was not the errors that could occur if you did this.  The bug was 
> fixed and you can now longer use the same file.
I don't care about using the same file, I do care about clear config. If
there was a feature which allow to use different files with one
description of zone, I would be happy. But there isn't.

I wrote earlier and may repeat again. The feature for me is not using
the same file, the feature is having a clear and maitainable config. In
this case it means to have only one description for a zone.

> Maybe one of the other available DNS server packages will allow this.
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