BIND not loading into memory on first transfer

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Fri Mar 27 08:24:17 UTC 2015

>>>> What's the SOA? It's possible that the zones were not expired, so they
>>>> were provided as saved on disk.  Since BIND wasn't able to transfer
>>>> newer versions, it continued providing old versions.

>> On 26.03.15 12:48, Frank Even wrote:
>>> Yes, the old versions were provided on disk on initial load.  But that
>>> was then followed up with  a SUCCESSFUL zone transfer minutes later,
>>> but the server was unable to save the tmp file in the working
>>> directory and served stale content until about 2 hours later when the
>>> server was able to get another successful zone transfer from the
>>> master and then loaded the new zone in memory (despite being unable to
>>> write the tmp file to update the local copy of the zone).

>> what didthe logs say?
>> Looks like the first transfer wasn't really successful (or the zone was
>> rejected)

On 26.03.15 14:48, Frank Even wrote:
>Logs indicated successful transfer, permission denied writing the
>tmp-xxxxx file that happens prior to writing it out to the zone file

and how do hey differ from the second transfer?
If they don't itmay be a bug (or a "bug") in named that it behaves
differently after first and other transfers...

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