Future of BIND's built-in empty zone list

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Thu May 14 22:24:58 UTC 2015

Add before we get the ticket to add it.

4117.   [protocol]      Add EMPTY.AS112.ARPA as per RFC 7534.


In message <alpine.LFD.2.11.1505141429250.6846 at daffy.loonybin.net>, Rob Foehl writes:
> On Thu, 14 May 2015, Chris Thompson wrote:
> > Now that RFCs 7[5]34 & 7[5]35 have been published, how do ISC see the future
> > of the seemingly ever-expanding built-in empty zone list in BIND?
> >
> > One possibility that seems plausible to me is to add EMPTY.AS112.ARPA
> > to the list now, and remove existing entries if and when the corresponding
> > names in the public DNS acquire DNAMEs pointing to that (hopefully ones
> > with large TTLs).
> Adding empty.as112.arpa to the list seems like a good idea, but removing 
> the existing empty zones does not -- they also prevent leaking internal 
> queries, which is both more noise for the root/IANA/AS112 infrastructure 
> to sink and a potential privacy concern.
> There's also the minor benefit of fast responses from local resolvers, 
> which still matters for determinism in the initial query.  From where I 
> sit, the nearest blackhole.as112.arpa is 90+ms and an ocean away (v4 or 
> v6), and the existing AS112 nodes aren't much better.
> What would be gained by shrinking the number of empty zones?  The only 
> thing that comes to mind is that it'd make life marginally easier for 
> those who run cache hierarchies and override some of those zones at the 
> top level, but there's already an option for that and I'm definitely 
> grasping at straws here...
> -Rob
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