Bind DLZ

Rob Hall rhall at
Fri May 15 13:15:01 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I've been using Bind DLZ for quite some time now - the original Sourceforge 
code in various older versions of bind - and have had no issues with it. So as 
to move away from hand patching code and building custom packages I've tried 
to move to the packaged version of bind included in Centos 7. For the most 
part DLZ is working as per the older version/code but wildcard handling seems 
to have changed and is no longer working as it did.

EG. we have a number of domains with entries such as *.testing IN A so.m.e.ip. 
A lookup of in Bind 9.3.6 with bind & 
SourceForge DLZ returns the correct A so.m.e.ip. Bind 9.9.4 returns not found. 
If I use static zone files with 9.9.4 it resolves as expected. Debugging bind 
9.9.4 seems to show that the only wilcard search it performs is for 
* it does not iterate through the possible sub hosts/domains. 
Is this a bug or by design and if by design why? 

Best regards,
 Rob Hall 

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