Is there other methods or APIs to monitor qps?

Tony Finch dot at
Mon Nov 30 11:07:20 UTC 2015

liumingxing <liumingxing at> wrote:

> It means that the statistics channel should be opened?


> Is there timeout mechanism? May curl query be not stucked?

The curl manual says:

       --connect-timeout <seconds>
              Maximum  time  in  seconds  that you allow the connection to the
              server to take.  This only limits  the  connection  phase,  once
              curl  has  connected this option is of no more use. See also the
              -m/--max-time option.

       -m/--max-time <seconds>
              Maximum  time  in  seconds that you allow the whole operation to
              take.  This is useful for preventing your batch jobs from  hang-
              ing  for  hours  due  to slow networks or links going down.  See
              also the --connect-timeout option.

Other HTTP clients will have similar options.

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