response to SOA query was unsuccessful

Ken Peng kpeng at
Wed Sep 2 01:43:06 UTC 2015

On 2015/9/2 星期三 9:34, Mark Andrews wrote:
> * Did you read the logs on the servers and correct any errors reported?

Yes I watched the nameserver's log all the time when I did those.
They were nothing special happened.

> * Did you check that they were actually serving the new zone?

I don't think they were working correctly.
When I added the zone file to a slave which is with higher version than 
master, after reloading, the strange thing happened. This zone file was 
deleted by the nameserver automatically.

> * Did you point nsupdate at the correct servers?  You are in the process of
>    moving them so the automatic discovery of the servers won't work.

Yes, I run nsupdate always in the master, and point the remote server to

Thanks for any helps :)

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