How are DNS Records added dynamically in DNS Servers?

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Mon Sep 7 10:09:59 UTC 2015

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 Harshith Mulky <harshith.mulky at> wrote 
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> How do System administrators add DNS Zone records in DNS Servers?

By not using for email :-) No, I'm kidding, there are
several ways:

> Is there a specific way the records are added in DNS Servers dynamically?

* a program that you write in the langage of your choice. Every
programming langage has a DNS library and most allows dynamic updates.

* by using an already-written program which does dynamic updates. Many
DHCP servers can do so, for instance.

* using the shell with nsupdate:


nsupdate -kKexample-dyn-update.+157+18685.private -d <<EOF
  update delete 
  update add 300 A $new_ip_address

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