Multiple A and PTR and the "main" ones?

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Mon Sep 14 05:31:19 UTC 2015

I could not stop asking the question related to this.

I am sorry if this is not relevant to this Topic

Is it not possible to send multiple "A"  Records for a same name with different IPs. It might be that the bind might be listening on multiple IPs on same server
What would happen if one of the IP interfaces is not reachable? 

Please excuse if this off Topic


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> >>On 09/11/2015 02:10 PM, Reindl Harald wrote:
> >>>just don't specifiy more than one PTR for a IP
> >Am 11.09.2015 um 14:14 schrieb Marek Kozlowski:
> >>Specifying multiple CNAMEs for the same alias is not possible
> On 11.09.15 14:22, Reindl Harald wrote:
> >no idea what that means, a CNAME can point to anotehr CNAME in circles
> that's true, however not recomended.
> It's also possible to have multiple CNAMEs pointing to the same record,
> which I would recommend.
> >>defining more than one PTR for the same IP is possible I believe there
> >>is some reason for it.
> >>I think sometimes I might be useful. Is it a bad practice?
> >
> >it is a bad practice and leads exactly to the problems you describe 
> >when the other side tries to verify A/PTR matching because there is 
> >just no ordering like there is also no rodering having multiple A 
> >records for the same name with different IP's

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