BIND 9.9.8-S1 Release Notes (What's 'S' stands for?)

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Fri Sep 18 07:05:59 UTC 2015

Thanks Evan.

I can not found subscription version in:

how can I got "BIND 9.9.8-S1"? Is "donate to isc" the right way?


2015-09-18 14:11 GMT+08:00 Evan Hunt <each at>:

> On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 12:07:22PM +0800, stutiredboy wrote:
> > BIND 9.9.8-S1 <> was released, but
> > what's 'S' stands for?
> >
> > I did not found any docs described this.
> >
> > Can this version be used on production environment?
> The -S suffix is for a "subscription" branch that we make available to
> ISC support customers and others on request.  It provides early access,
> in a supported and stable form, to features under development that are
> of particular interest to large-scale DNS operators.
> For example, the "fetchlimit" recursive client rate-limiting features
> for addressing recent DDoS attacks, which are in 9.10.3 and 9.9.8, were
> released first in the subscription branch while they were still
> experimental. Currently it also has negative trust anchor support and
> SERVFAIL caching, both slated for 9.11.
> Nothing in it is secret or closed-source; it's a just customized version
> of the 9.9 branch with certain 9.10 and 9.11 features backported into it,
> plus occasionally some experimental features that will be merged to 9.11
> after we're satisfied with them.  You can get all the same stuff by cloning
> the development branch in our git repository at (I
> can't guarantee not to have broken anything recently, though.)
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