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Hello BIND users,
According to the BIND 9.10.3 ARM, the syntax for 'also-notify' in the options section of the named.conf file is:

[ also-notify { ip_addr
[port ip_port] [dscp ip_dscp] [key keyname] ;
[ ip_addr [port ip_port] [dscp ip_dscp] [key keyname] ; ... ] };

However, specifying the optional 'dscp' keyword and integer value causes named to abort at startup.  My understanding is that the DSCP value is for *source* ports, whereas the syntax above indicates that the DSCP value goes with the *target* port of the notify.  Interestingly, the grammar for this option from the BIND 9.10.3 source is as follows:

also-notify [ port <integer> ] [ dscp <integer> ] { ( <masters> | <ipv4_address> [ port <integer> ] | <ipv6_address> [ port <integer> ] ) [ key <string> ]; ... };

Which corresponds to my understanding where the optional 'dscp' keyword and value would be associated with the source.

Can someone please confirm if the BIND 9.10 ARM documentation is wrong?

Greg Rabil
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