"managed-keys-directory" option seems to beignored since BIND 9.10.3.

SASAKI Katuhiro crest at sahiro.org
Tue Sep 29 00:29:41 UTC 2015


After I upgraded from 9.10.2p4 to 9.10.3, "managed-keys-directory"
option seems to be ignored.

I wrote named.conf as following.
> options {
>       # set some pathes.
>       directory "/usr/local/etc/namedb";
> ...
>       managed-keys-directory "/usr/local/etc/namedb/managed";
> ...

After upgrading, the following error message came to be seen.
> ...
> Sep 27 12:06:28 host.name named[826]: the working directory is
> not writable
> Sep 27 12:06:28 host.name named[826]: general: error: 
> file_name_of_mkeys.mkeys.jnl: create: permission denied
> ...
And, files in "/usr/local/etc/namedb/managed" (it is appointed by
"managed-keys-directory") are not updated.
After having been troubled for a while, I changed permission on main
config directory as next and reconfig.
% sudo chown bind:bind /usr/local/etc/namedb
% rndc reconfig
Aftre the work above, errors shown above was not given, but
file_name_of_mkeys.mkeys and file_name_of_mkeys.mkeys.jnl are appears
in main config directory.
I suspect some code changes in 9.10.3 (from 9.10.2p4) breaks

Thank you for reading my broken English.

                     SASAKI Katuhiro

                 mailto: crest at sahiro.org
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