Question about managed-keys-zone

Jeremy C. Reed jreed at
Fri Apr 8 15:15:29 UTC 2016

On Fri, 8 Apr 2016, Bhangui, Sandeep - BLS CTR wrote:

> Thanks Jeremy
> Logging section from named.conf
> logging {
>         channel "named-log" {
>                 file "/usr/local/named-jail9.10.3P4/var/adm/named.log" versions 3 size 30m;
>         category "general" { "named-log"; };

> And yes the directory "/usr/local/named-jail9.10.3P4/var/adm/" exists 
> and the files are there....owned by named:named.

The error:
  isc_stdio_open '/usr/local/named-jail9.10.3P4/var/adm/named.log' 
  failed: file not found
happens when the directory doesn't exist as one example.

What switches are using to start named?

(The top of the logging output was excluded in previous email which 
should show the "starting BIND 9.10.3-P4" and "built with" lines.)

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