generating TSIG keys with 'dnssec-keygen', get "error reading key file ... bad key type"?

jasonsu at jasonsu at
Wed Apr 20 00:55:35 UTC 2016

On Tue, Apr 19, 2016, at 05:19 PM, Evan Hunt wrote:
> The "bad key type" message is a bug; it's been there for a while
> KEY is in fact what *should* be there, but the collision-
> checking function is expectingly DNSKEY, and so it complains.

Ok, so the data's good; just the detection whines for now.  Thanks.

Which leads me right back to my original problem -- unable to get nsupdates 'to' my remote server ( I was kinda hoping that there was something wrong with the key file :-/ )

But that's another issue.


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