Bind 9.11.0a1

apani at apani at
Thu Apr 21 08:17:38 UTC 2016

Hello guys,

awesome bind 9.11 release, lot's of really good features.
I have few questions about ECS (EDNS client subnet) feature.

1) I have installed 9.11 with geoip support and have the following config:

key "external-key" {

key "asia-key" {

acl acl-asia { geoip country IN; ! key external-key; key asia-key; };
acl acl-external { ! key asia-key; key external-key; };

view asia {
    match-clients { acl-asia; };
    zone "" { type slave; file "zones/"; masters { asia-master-servers; }; };

view external {
    match-clients { any; };
    zone "" { type slave; file "zones/"; masters { external-master-servers; }; };

Well, it is something like this. Instead there is a real zone, for which the server is authorative.

When I send a request from host in India directly to this server:


everything works fine and I get into "asia" view.

When I send a request from host in Europe, but with subnet of the indian host:


I get into external view, but according to bind guide Geoip should "route" me into asia view. I have explicitly set geoip-use-ecs yes; .

What did I do wrong? I can see in logs and traffic dumps that request received with client-subnet directive.

2) I have looked through sources and bind 9.11 guide, but have not found the way to add client-subnet into queries logging. Would be really great to have it. So to see not just client IP-address, but also ECS subnet itself. Did I miss something?


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