'succesful' nsupdate of remote server not persistent across nameserver restart?

jasonsu at mail-central.com jasonsu at mail-central.com
Mon Apr 25 17:53:35 UTC 2016

On Mon, Apr 25, 2016, at 10:46 AM, Matthew Pounsett wrote:
> > Unfortunately, that^ returns no TXT record either.  Which to me suggests
> > the problem's 'earlier'.
> >
> Yeah.  I think you need to solve the problem with the vanishing journal
> file first.   But, the above dig is what you *should* do to get back the
> TXT record that you're adding.  If it's not getting you the record, then
> there's a problem with your server somewhere.

Got it.

I suspect that there's something wrong with what is/isn't copied , and maybe when, in that chroot build/destroy script.

Although it does seem to be mostly consistent with some of the tutes I'm finding online, I can't see the problem yet ...

I did try to look at opensuse project's rpm-build's spec file to maybe cherry pick the chroot stuff.  It's a complete mess, and beyond me what's what in there.  Let's just say I can now understand WHY my predecessor on this machine went the DIY route (some of the comments in his notes were -- colorful ;-) )

I've 'started over' a couple of times already on this box, but just get to the same point.

I really DON'T want to run bind without the chroot, so haven't taken that path.


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