Reload only ACL

Anand Buddhdev anandb at
Mon Apr 25 20:57:20 UTC 2016

On 25/04/16 22:23, Ali Jawad wrote:

Hi Ali Jawad,

> I do have a very specific requirement for private/public zones and based on
> a user tool the users "hundreds in corporate environment" get either public
> or private zone, the tool simply writes to an ACL file, my problem is that
> the only way I found that does not flush the cache of the server and
> reloads the ACL is rndc reconfig, but that appears to stall the server for
> new queries "tested with dig" for a few moments, and given I have a change
> of ACL from a user every a few times per minute it is not very viable. Is
> there an alternative to doing this ? and/or a way to have BIND load the ACL
> dynamically ?

I'm not aware of any way to look up ACLs dynamically. However, a
configuration that involves reconfiguring BIND several times a minute
seems like a bad design. Can't you have pre-defined address ranges of
public or private zones, and just pre-configure these in BIND once?

Sometimes it helps to rethink your design.



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