getting not authoritative with some notifies - Solved

Dave Warren davew at
Mon Aug 1 02:25:52 UTC 2016

On 2016-07-31 18:00, Carl Byington wrote:
> Which customers will complain?
> Consider the case where you have customer A and ex-customer B, and you
> still have ex-customer B zones loaded in your master dns servers. The
> rest of the world properly sees the (new) zone content for ex-customer
> B.
> But when your existing customer A tries to send mail to ex-customer B,
> it may go to the wrong place or bounce. And that will only happen for
> your *other* customers. B thinks everything is ok, since they can
> receive mail from gmail, etc.
> To properly serve your customers like A, you need to purge B's zones
> soon after they move, whether they notify you or not.

Or, separate your resolver and authoritative roles, in which case this 
won't be an issue. One should still monitor for zones for customers who 
have departed, obviously, but it's not likely to cause any operational 

Dave Warren

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