creating IPv6 interface eth0 failed; interface ignored

Tony Finch dot at
Mon Aug 22 12:07:32 UTC 2016

Wolfgang Riedel <wriedel at> wrote:
> not sure if this is a bug or a feature but had been scratching my head
> for months now running BIND on Fedora22-24 and all the time I did a
> reboot BIND didn’t came up and I needed to restart the process to get it
> running. After some googling around I realized that I am not alone with
> this but there has never been a clear solution beside some proposals to
> change the sequence of IPv4/IPv6 entries within ifcfg which didn’t work
> for me.

Do you have an explicit listen-on directive in your named.conf?

Does named start more reliably if you have no listen-on directive, so that
it listens on all the interfaces that are available?

Named will use the routing socket to learn about interface
reconfiguration, so if systemd starts named before systemd has finished
bringing up the interfaces, named should be able to add the v6 sockets
when they appear (I hope).

Alternatively, maybe you could add something to the ExecStartPre in the
unit file to poll `ip addr show` until all the expected interface
addresses are present, so that named doesn't start until the rest of the
system has untangled its legs.

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