DNS views and zone transfers

project722 project722 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 16:56:17 UTC 2016

I have successfully setup TSIG keys for "views" using a DNS master/server
pair. Zone transfers are working as expected between the 2 servers for each
view. Before we go live into production with this I need some clarification
on a couple things. Our prod servers are also allowing zone transfers to a
few other servers besides the slave server. We have an acl setup that looks
similar to this:

other_xfer_allowed_ns {
x.x.x.x; // This is our Secondary DNS server; // localhost can make zone transfers
x.x.x.x/24; // Server Farm Range is allowed to make zone-transfers
x.x.x.x/24; // NAT pool for internal DNS server Zone Transfers
x.x.x.x/24; // NAT pool for internal DNS server Zone Transfers
x.x.x.x/24; // NAT pool for internal DNS server Zone Transfers
}; // end of "other_xfer_allowed" ACL

And in the "allow transfer" statement we have included that ACL. My
question is:

Now that we are using TSIG, will I need to get with the admins of all these
other servers and provide them my TSIG key so they can request zone
transfers? I would think somehting like that needs to be done since it was
required to be configured on slave server, but I am not sure.


I setup views so that clients on the "internal" network when requesting a
record would be presented with different records than clients on the
outside. And at the moment there is only one zone that is required to have
different records. However, It is my understanding that since views are
based off source IP's, if I was to ONLY include that one zone in my
"internal" view, if a record was requested for another zone from that same
IP, they would probably get an nxdomain answer since that IP is limited to
that one view.

So, my question is, will I need to include all zones in both views so that
all clients can get results, even though I would only have (at the moment)
one zone that points to two different zone files? All others in both views
would point to the same zone file, unless of course there is another zone
we need to present a different view to for internal clients.

Now, last question.

I have a concern about the allow-query statement. On our production server
we have an ACL list we'll call it "trusted".
We have an allow query statement in the global options to only allow
queries from IP's in the trusted ACL. However every one of our zone entries
in the conf file also has an "allow-query { any; }; statement. Doesn't that
defeat the purpose of have a "trusted" ACL for queries? Is this bad design?
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