Need of caching on bind server

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Fri Aug 26 15:16:18 UTC 2016

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 Harshith Mulky <harshith.mulky at> wrote:

> Thank you John, Mukund, Barry and Dave for your insights and answers on this 
> Topic.
> @Dave, Lets say we have a Web Page cached(when queried by User 1) and the 
> webpage has either moved the Link ( accessing the same Link from a different 
> user would result in '504 Timeout' as it was cached by the Server)
> So do we mean, every other user when querying the web page still gets the 
> same link which was cached and now not reachable?
> There should be some way, this should not happen
> [P.S: I was trying a web link yesterday, and i got into this issue, but I was 
> still able to open the cached web page link 2 days ago]

Caching web pages has nothing to do with DNS caching.

Barry Margolin
Arlington, MA

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