Question about dynamic IPv6-PTR-Generation

sthaug at sthaug at
Sat Aug 27 09:37:18 UTC 2016

> > We're still in the early phases of IPv6. If sufficient ISPs drop PTR
> > for dynamic IPv6 addresses, email providers and others who base some
> > sort of "reputation" on IPv4 PTRs today will simply have to adapt.
> Steinar,
> I think this is bigger than anti-spam logic.  Simply put: Customers
> pay for the Internet.  If customers want to "tag" an IPv6 block as
> their own as they do with IPv4, why can't they?  Please don't
> answer me as if I am a peer, answer as if I am a paying customer
> asking "why not?"

Customers with *static* IPv6 addresses will certainly be able to get
the desired PTR records for their IPv6 addresses. This is the same
as for IPv4.

The difference for customers with *dynamic* IPv6 addresses is that the
size of the IP6 space makes it infeasible to pre-generate PTR recrds,
and I see no good reason to dynamically generate these records just
because parts of the IPv4 world expects them.

> Simply deciding a request is silly (even with peer support) won't
> make it go away, it will only make your _problem_ become a source
> of _revenue_for_your_competitor_ and eventually putting you behind
> what _everyone_else_is_already_doing_.

I'll let the market decide. For now, such a requirement isn't even a
blip on the horizon as far as I can see.

Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, sthaug at

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