Question about dynamic IPv6-PTR-Generation

John R. Levine johnl at
Sat Aug 27 19:38:36 UTC 2016

> Just curious, is there a fundamental reason you have to oppose this
> beyond simply the scale?

It's a cargo cult style extension of a not particularly useful IPv4 
convention to IPv6.  A much more useful convention that happens to be 
easier to implement is that hosts with static addresses have rDNS and 
hosts without do not.  That would be a lot more useful to all involved.

But again, at M3AAWG, this seems to be a settled topic.  Anyone who 
expects rDNS for dynamic IPv6 addresses is an outlier.


PS: Have you figured out how to do DNSSEC on dynamically generated reverse 
zones, both for results that return PTR and results that return NXDOMAIN? 
It's possible but it's not trivial.

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