Question about dynamic IPv6-PTR-Generation

Woodworth, John R John.Woodworth at
Sat Aug 27 21:17:36 UTC 2016

> John R. Levine wrote:
> > > Just curious, is there a fundamental reason you have to oppose this
> > > beyond simply the scale?
> >
> > It's a cargo cult style extension of a not particularly useful IPv4
> > convention to IPv6.  A much more useful convention that happens to be
> > easier to implement is that hosts with static addresses have rDNS and
> > hosts without do not.  That would be a lot more useful to all involved.
> Though, if you want to participate in the cargo cult of generic PTRs,
> you don't need the complexity of draft-woodworth-bulk-rr's regex-driven
> templates in your nameserver. Knot DNS's "minimal viable product"
> implementation is ~300 SLOC and uses a hardcoded template.


Thanks for this information, it could really help the original poster.

It is true at first glance the regex-esque syntax in our I-D may seem a
bit complex but I don't believe anywhere near the complexity of NAPTR
and with adoption as a standard would not require the vendor-lock-in
of any proprietary solution.  This is also huge if zone transfers are
important in your environment and you do not own/ manage all nameservers


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> Robert Edmonds


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