rndc on local host: need named running?

Tom Browder tom.browder at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 00:54:27 UTC 2016

On Saturday, August 27, 2016, Lyle <lyle at lcrcomputer.net> wrote:

> On 08/27/16 10:54, Tom Browder wrote:
> https://calomel.org/dynamic_dns_ddns.htmlMy plan is to have two
> 2. Can I use rndc from my local host which doesn't have a fixed ip address?
> ...

> Let me Google that for you and the answer is:
> https://www.safaribooksonline.com/library/view/dns-bind/
> 0596004109/ch03s04.html

Thanks, Lyle. I've seen that, I have the book. But it's not real clear to a
novice that it works without the remote host knowing the incoming ip

But I have enough info now to risk putting my name servers on line without
fear of destroying the dns system of the internet!

Best regards,

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