Latest BIND: Error "rpz_rewrite_name: mismatched summary data; continuing"

Tom tomtux007 at
Tue Aug 30 04:53:05 UTC 2016

Hi list

Using self-compiled latest bind (9.10.4-P2):

I have a bind-setup with activated response-policy-zones. For *each* 
client-forward-query, which has a valid dns-response, I got an error in 
the client-log (for NXDOMAIN-Reponses, I didn't have such errors... ex. 
"dig @nameserver aasledkfjasdlkfjsadlf.asdlfkjsadlfkjasdjflk"):

- 30-Aug-2016 06:43:51.722 client: error: query client=0x7f1074112200 
thread=0x7f107a8a7700 ( rpz_rewrite_name: mismatched 
summary data; continuing

- 30-Aug-2016 06:46:19.312 client: error: query client=0x7f10741614e0 
thread=0x7f107b0a8700 ( rpz_rewrite_name: mismatched 
summary data; continuing


The client receives the right response, dns-rpz is also working, but I'm 
suspicious about the errors mentioned above. Any hints?
Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,
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