Query on Bind9 DLZ LDAP Connections load sharing

Ram Kishore B ramkishore.b at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 08:26:36 UTC 2016

Hi all,
We have a query related to the Bind9 load sharing mechanism across multiple
LDAP connections.

The set-up and configuration details are as below.
- 1 DNS Simulator using dnsperf package
- 1 Bind9 server(version 9.9.4) in RHEL 7.2 and DLZ LDAP plugin enabled
during compilation. This server has 24 CPU's and 24 LDAP connections.
- 1 LDAP server

Bind9 was already compiled with '--enable-threads' option and even though
Bind9 is multi-threaded and having multiple LDAP connections, during load
run it is noticed that always only one LDAP connections is getting used for
database search.
If Bind9 doesn't load share across multiple LDAP connections, then what is
the use of supporting multiple LDAP connections.

Is there any configuration missing to do the load sharing across multiple

Kindly let us know in case of any more information. Thanks in advance.

Named.conf file contents for DLZ LDAP:
dlz "ldap zone" {
        database "ldap 24 v3 simple {cn=user} {password} {<IP Addr> }


/var/log/messages Logs while Bind 9 initialization:
named[21232]: built with '--enable-threads' '--with-dlz-ldap=/usr/lib64/'

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