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Ivan Fabris ivan.fabris at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 09:04:49 UTC 2016

2016-12-07 8:27 GMT+01:00 Peter Rathlev <peter at rathlev.dk>:

> stores _everything_, including debug messages from "execute", you might
> want "Storage=volatile" there as well. You probably already have

thanks, i missed this volatile thing

> What exactly does "slow down" mean here? Are you missing messages in
> the log files? Or are requests not answered in a timely fashion?

"slow down" means an increment in the time consumed by bind to answer a
"heavy load" means about 20 millions query / day per machine, with peaks of
about 400 query / second.
Using tcpdump i noticed an average increment of about 2% in the "Query
time:" field of "dig", when using syslog instead of files, but I admit I
only run a short and home-made benchmark
I also noticed different beaviour with different syslog daemons ( not using
the last version ) : syslog-ng hangs named for 1-2 seconds, when using tcp
and the remote syslog goes down ; rsyslog works more smoothly ; the old
syslogd is unable to handle such a mass of messages


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