BIND transferring zones with incorrect view

Mark Andrews marka at
Thu Dec 22 21:06:44 UTC 2016

In message <58D5C8C4-906C-4FA4-A5A0-D1C722B6ECA5 at>, Asai writes:
> Still trying to figure this out, still am not doing something right.  I’m
> still getting REFUSED when trying to do transfers from Master to Slave.
> Not sure what I’m doing wrong, so please point out my errors here.  I
> have two views, but neither are getting any transfers so I’ve only
> included one in the config.
> Here’s my part of my config for Master and Slave:
> acl lan_hosts { key LAN-key; !key WAN-key;;;
> localhost; };
> acl wan_queries { key WAN-key; !key LAN-key; !;
> !; };

Add "any;" to the end of the acl otherwise everyone gets REFUSED.  The default
at the end of the acl is "!any;".

acl wan_queries { key WAN-key; !key LAN-key; !; !; any; };

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