DNS Server goofiness

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Feb 4 20:34:27 UTC 2016

Am 04.02.2016 um 21:29 schrieb David Hornsby:
> I am having an issue with an authoritative dns server that sits behind a
> nat. I have replicated this problem on two different servers on
> different versions of bind which is why I am now perplexed. In the zone
> file the LAN address of the server has an A record. When the server is
> queried directly from the LAN, the server replies with its LAN address.
> Just as expected. However when the record is queried from through the fw
> the server replies with its public ip address. Which I can only guess
> it's getting by doing a reverse on the NS record that pointed it there
> in the first place??? This only happens on the record with an IP address
> which matches the server's lan address.

i bet it's a cisco crap which is doing NAT


no ip nat service alg udp dns
no ip nat service alg tcp dns

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