Zone hints for VPN environments

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Mon Feb 15 10:58:02 UTC 2016

Andreas Meile <mailingliste at> wrote:

> The question is: How can I place the ActiveDirectory DNS as forwarder DNS
> server in such a way that it is responsible for a specific DNS zone only?

You very nearly have the right idea, but you are trying to use the wrong
zone type. There are a few options that can work in your situation:

type stub - The "masters" you specify must be authoritative for the zone.
	Your server fetches the NS records from the masters and resolves
	names for the zone using these NS records. This is a bit like a
	hint zone, except hints are only for the root zone.

type static-stub - You specify "server-addresses" or "server-names" which
	must be authoritative for the zone. These servers are used
	directly, ignoring the zone's NS records. This might work better
	than a stub zone if your network disagrees with the zone contents
	because of NAT.

type forward - You specify "forwarders" which must be recursive servers
	that know how to resolve names in the zone.

There are more details about zone types in the ARM at

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