force re-sign of individual host record?

Mark Andrews marka at
Fri Feb 26 00:14:52 UTC 2016

	"rndc sign zone [class [view]]" should do it.

In message <B9599B05-145F-4111-9E5B-032C6466D764 at>, Mathew Ian Eis write
> Hi BIND,
> Anyone know if there is a good way to force named to resign a single host
> record? (e.g. without generating new ZSKs, etc.?)
> An ntp glitch recently caused our master nameserver to jump many hours
> into the future, whereupon it began issuing invalid (to the world) RRSIGs
> with an inception time many hours into the future.
> After correcting the server time, named's signature rollover algorithm
> didnt pick up on the fact that there were invalid RRSIGs (even after
> restarting the named process), so we were left with manually repairing
> them.
> We ended up modifying the TTLs (thus forcing named to update the RRSIGs),
> and then restoring the TTLs to their previous state.
> It seems like there should be a better way was that the "best" approach?
> ( Even better, it seems like named could automagically correct for this
> particular problem  if we can put it on the wishlist ;-)  )
> Thoughts?
> Thanks in advance,
> Mathew Eis
> Northern Arizona University
> Information Technology Services

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