v 9.10.3 max-cache-size not recognised

MAYER Hans mayer at iiasa.ac.at
Mon Jan 4 13:54:01 UTC 2016

Dear Users,

I have a low end server with 1 GB of RAM running GNU/Linux version 3.4.104. I noticed that after a certain time the swap space is extensively used. This is normally not an issue but sometimes the system has long response times. I noticed that "named" is using a lot of memory. So I add the following lines in the options section of bind.conf

        max-cache-size 629145600 ;
        cleaning-interval 120 ;         // 2 hours
        max-cache-ttl 14400 ;           // 4 hours
        max-ncache-ttl 14400 ;          // 4 hours

But this does not help. I thought that bind would not use much more than 600 kB, but this is not true. When I look with "top" I see

32470 bind      20   0  982m 842m 2260 S   0.0 86.8 175:55.22 named

As you can see "named" is using 842 MB physical and 982 MB virtual memory. Much more than configured.

On this server I have bind version
BIND 9.10.3 <id:2799933>
built by make with '--enable-shared' '--enable-static' '--enable-ipv6' '--with-openssl' 'CC=gcc' 'LDFLAGS=-L/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf'
compiled by GCC 4.6.3

On a different system ( same kernel version, same HW ) I am using BIND 9.9.5
Here I never noticed this issue.

Is there a major change for memory management in version 9.10 ?
Are there any other methods to reduce memory consumption for bind ?

Kind regards

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