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Thu Jan 7 22:14:27 UTC 2016

Yah, I guess it does kinda :-)
I seem to remember Olafur or Marek admitted that including the text was an
ugly, temporary kludge, and provided some "cover" so that is was more clear
that this was the intended behavior, and not that e.g they had just not
fully implemented ANY (as many DNS load-balancers / middleboxes seem to
do). Once this becomes common practice the HINFO can go to null.

Personally I think that they should have instead:
A: inserted naughty limericks or
B: sold this space off as advertising space.

DISCLAIMER: B is a joke... although.... huh....

On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 5:05 PM Darcy Kevin (FCA) <kevin.darcy at>

> I do find it a little ironic that the HINFO RDATA shown earlier in the
> thread, references the "refuse-any" draft, yet, in the selfsame RDATA,
> violates one of the "SHOULD"s of the draft:
> "The OS field of the HINFO RDATA SHOULD be set to the null string to
> minimise the size of the response."
> Kind of sends a mixed message, don't you think?
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> Kevin
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> > Reindl, did you read the draft referred to in the HINFO? (
> > ). It
> > clearly outlines the reasons that cloudfare is doing this. This
> > document was discussed in the DNSOP WG, and was presented at a few
> meetings.
> > The consensus within the DNSOP WG was to adopt and work on the draft,
> > so I object to your characterization of this as "another clueless
> > idiot degrading services" at a large company.
> > Olafur and Joe (the authors of this) are far from clueless idiots.
> > In addition, please try to moderate your tone - people come to the
> > BIND Users list for assistance - your argumentative (and often
> > insulting) posts are not helpful to building a community
> i did read and understand the reasoning long before this thread as i also
> had the RRL patches in production long before they went to stable releases
> with RRL and "minimal-responses yes;" the response size/impact of a ANY
> query is very limited while that is a completly different reasoning than "I
> don't want display all info"
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