Bind9 on VMWare

Philippe Maechler pmaechler-ml at
Wed Jan 13 14:10:25 UTC 2016

> > > Complexity?
> >
> > which complexity?
> >
> > a virtual guest is less complex because you don't need a ton of daemons
> > for hardware-monitoring, drivers and what not on the guest
> For me the relevant comparison is my ordinary OS vs. my ordinary OS +
> VMWare.
> > complex are 30 phyiscal servers instead two fat nodes running a
> > virtualization cluster with one powerful shared storage
> Ayup, lots of eggs in one basket.
> I absolutely believe virtualization has its place. I also believe that
> "everywhere" is not that place.

I'm too thinking that virtualization has its place where it's a pretty good
thing, but not everywhere. I saw bad setups where something went wrong an
all of the vm's were affected.
Yes, this is not a problem with the vm itself but bad design/setup of the vm

Thank you for your responses. I'll run some benchmarks on a physical and a
virtual server. Could be that we have one physical and one virtual server.
That way we have both and can get our own experiences with it. Maybe we'll
add switch to only physical or virtual servers in a second step


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