Overriding a single record with dynamic-dns

Darcy Kevin (FCA) kevin.darcy at fcagroup.com
Thu Jan 21 18:41:11 UTC 2016

Addition of an MX record to a dynamically-updated zone can be accomplished multiple ways, but I’d recommend using nsupdate.

Responding differently to “internal” versus “external” queries implies views.

But, the burning questions that need to be answered are:
1) do you need those DHCP-driven records to be present in *both* views (i.e. internally and externally)? and
2) is the MX record you’re talking about the *apex* record of the zone (as opposed to something underneath the apex, like smtp.example.com)?

If the answer to both of those questions is “yes”, then I think you’re in for a bit of a challenge, since I don’t know that the DHCP server will be able to make *parallel* updates to *multiple* views. Things are much simpler if the zone is dynamic in one view (updated by DHCP), and static in the other.

If the MX record is something other than the apex, then this also makes things somewhat simpler, since you can delegate that particular name as a separate zone, static, and resolving differently internally and externally, and make the main zone, with all of those dynamically-updated records, able to resolve the same internally and externally (e.g. stub or slave between the views).

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I have a zone myzone.com where dynamic dns is active ( dhcp updates continuously the dns )

I need to respond differently for MX requests  such as :

MX for "internal"   queries  is    mxinternal.myzone.com
MX for "internet"  queries   is   mxexternal.myzone.com

I cannot find out how to setup bind to achieve this  while keeping the dynamic dns in operation



( i use bind 9.9.5  )
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