Using bind and ad blocking

Olliver Schinagl oliver at
Sat Jan 23 20:47:04 UTC 2016

Hi list,

recently I updated to bind-9.10 and noticed that an illegal setup was 
finally disallowed. Good things, but I (and others I'm sure) kind of 
miss-used this ability. With the change however, I am now looking for 
help on restoring similar behavior. Let me explain.

As we all know, ads are everywhere and can be quite troublesome. Because 
of this I block many known adservers internally via bind. To obtain this 
list of adservers, I use which generates 
a file with the following syntax: zone "" { type master; 
notify no; file "pri/"; }; The Null zone looks as follows:

; BIND db file for ad servers - point all addresses to an invalid IP
$TTL    864000  ; ten days

@       IN      SOA (
                         2008032800       ; serial number YYMMDDNN
                         288000   ; refresh  80 hours
                         72000    ; retry    20 hours
                         8640000  ; expire  100 days
                         864000 ) ; min ttl  10 day


*               IN      A

Obviously with this and the many (generated) zones having 1 dummy zone 
sounds reasonable logically.

These adservers are included in my 'internal' view as such:

view "internal" {
         match-clients { internal; trusted; };
         recursion yes;

         include "/etc/bind/dlz_internal.conf";

#       include "/etc/bind/adservers.conf";

Adservers.conf being commented here as bind now fails on this.

My question is, what is a good method to do this with the latest bind. I 
tried to find some way to disable updates or mark the view/include as 
'read-only' but have not found this out as of yet.

Any tips and tricks appreciated!


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